Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Thought-bubbles of Potential

Watching cloud ships sailing across a pure blue sky is one of my passions. I will stop what I’m doing and simply spend magical moments gazing upwards. The solstice weekend brought many great ships. Some hung around for quite some time. Others simply sailed by on summer’s breeze. It’s one of nature’s most beguiling theatrical shows, anchoring us into the beautiful now while teasing the imagination.

While taking in the whole spectacle, I noticed how easily each cloud changed shape – becoming more or less. I considered how every single cloud represented a thought-bubble of potential, and how our mind’s imaginings are sometimes like clouds… drifting dreamily, soaring high, brooding and constantly transforming. Each formation felt symbolic of playfulness, adaptability, alchemy and freedom…

This solstice has been different but dynamic. Mr Fenwick and I sat out at a favourite spot by the river, drinking every last drop of daylight while entranced by the breeze-conducted swish of barley in the fields. Joined by tawny owl and hare, we held deep gratitude in our hearts for the natural realms and for our time here on this extraordinary planet.

Dawn unfolded, gift-wrapped in bright bird song. It’s a wonderful privilege to wake up to a brand new day. As a wiser elder, it’s something I do not take for granted. As we dance into our summer, I feel called in ways new and old, to step up and create for myself and others. And more than ever, it feels essential to make and hold space for magical moments.

Wherever you are in the world, I trust you are wonderfully well and I wish you a season filled with joy, wonder and creativity. Remember to look up, and breathe. Take in the wonder of it all. Let your worldly worries float away on a cloud…